Tire Siping

What is Tire Siping?

Tire siping basically involves the process of cutting very thin slits into the surface of a tire. It improves the overall traction of the tires, and drastically improves the tire performance for driving in snowy, slippery, or wet conditions. Tire siping also effectively manages the heat of a tire when it becomes hot and makes for an easier tire maintenance process.

Tire Siping Kelowna

The tire siping process is quite simple. First the tires (new or old) need to be placed onto a special machine that rotates tires while making tiny, barely visible cuts into the tire thread. For mechanics, it’s very easy to tell if a tire has been siped by inspecting the overall tire performance, tire speed rating, tire maintenance, and the vehicle handling.

Should you get your tires siped?

In short, yes. Tire siping improves a number of factors related to driving in the winter. For one, it improves the traction and braking of the car, which makes for a smoother ride, and prolongs the winter tire life. Tire siping does not reduce the overall tire performance in any way. The tread of the tires actually retains the thickness and durability due to the specialized cutting process. The “tie bars” or the uncut spots on the tire help keep the tire tread strong.

The Benefits of Tire Siping:

Improved Tire Traction
The tire surface is made up of multiple small tread blocks that are very crucial when driving in snowy, icy, or wet road conditions. The tread blocks actually get their gripping power from their very sharp edges and sipping enhances these gripping edges to perform better.

Improved Braking
When it comes to your brakes, the most effective means of power occurs right before you lose traction. Tire siping actually extends the window of opportunity for maximizing your braking power and gives the existing tire treads some assistance.

Improved Ride
The tires on your car have to absorb a lot of impact from the road. When the road surface becomes rough, your tires begin to work in double time. By having your tires siped, you are providing your tires with more flexibility, which will result in a smoother ride. This will also improve the winter tire life, and provide easy tire maintenance.

tire siping kelowna heat comparisonImproved Tire Life Span
Tires become very hot when used for a long period of time and this will rapidly lead to heavy tire wear and possibly even failure. Tire siping reduces the amount of friction between the tire and the road, resulting in less heat and allowing the tire more time to cool off. The sipes actually act as a heat isolation by allowing air to pass through the tire and dispersing the heat.

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