At Cameron Automotive, we believe that your vehicle should be an extension of you, reflecting your individual tastes and likes. That is why we have a host of customizing options available to you to truly set your vehicle apart.

Window Tinting

Tinting your windows is one of the best ways to enhance the look of your vehicle. But not only will your car look better, you’ll find your vehicle cooler and more comfortable to drive. It’s also safer and the interior is less likely to fade.

Window film starts working for you the minute it’s installed, offering benefits beyond your needs:

  • Enhances the look of your vehicle
  • Preserves your upholstery
  • Reduces Hot Spots & Glare. Great for night driving.
  • Improves Comfort
  • Reduces interior heat by up to 66%
  • Blocks UV rays by up to 99.9%
  • Protects your children and passengers
  • Balances Climate
  • Reduces Energy Demands and extends HVAC Life
  • Increases Privacy & Safety. What a thief can’t see, he won’t steal.
  • Provides added protection from accidents, storms and burglars

Best of all, window films enhance the aesthetic appeal and provide a uniform appearance to your vehicle, home or commercial facility. With so many benefits it’s easy to see why customers choose window films from Cameron Tire & Auto.

Vinyl Wraps

The thing is, it’s not paint. It’s a car wrap. Until now, consumers haven’t had much choice in how their cars looked. But now your car is your canvas. Want something completely unique – go ahead express yourself! Vinyl vehicle wraps are removable. Tired of the design or want to sell your car?Just peel it off. No sticky mess. And no, it won’t hurt your paint. So go ahead. Go crazy! Express Yourself with a full body wrap from Cameron Tire and Auto!

Custom Grills

Create a bold statement with a custom grille for your vehicle. Through our vast network, including FUEL and RBP, we can give your vehicle a front-end that truly makes a statement.

Fender Flairs

Fender Flairs are a welcomed addition to any custom project. Bolt on Fender Flairs are not simply for looks either. The aftermarket Fender Flairs we carry are designed to be bolted directly the OEM fenders or OEM rear quarter panels and often times protect your body from rocks, debris and other items your tires could kick up.

A lot of people are running custom Fender Flairs today because they are looking for the wide body kit appearance found on several professional race cars. The wide body Fender Flairs are a great look that make your vehicle’s stance appear wider. Enthusiasts take this look even further by installing aftermarket wheels that fill out the wheel well, making the rim sit flush with your new fiberglass Fender Flairs; a common trend and look on European Tuner Cars.

Glass Repair

Has something happened to your car’s glass. Why not have us look at it while it’s in our shop. Whether it’s replacement or chip repair, at Cameron Tire & Auto, we’ll take care of it.

Custom Paint Work

Now that we’ve gotten your car tuned up and customized, maybe there’s just one more little detail you want. At Cameron Tire & Auto we can work with you to come up with that paint customization that will just put it over the top and make sure it gets done perfectly.